1-17-2014 Tucson International Raceway - AZ - NDRL Winter Extreme

1-17-2014 Tucson International Raceway - AZ - NDRL Winter Extreme
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    Tim Fuller Capitalizes and Delivers a Win in the Desert

    Tucson, Arizona (January 17, 2014) After missing the Wednesday night show at Tucson International Raceway’s Winter Extreme, New York’s Tim Fuller knew he had to make some changes to get his Capital Race Car back up front. Fuller took advantage of the day off from racing on Thursday to do just that. And that work paid dividends on Friday night. Fuller moved to second from his third starting spot and then took over the lead on lap 22 when race leader R.C. Whitwell suffered mechanical issues. Full had to fend off a late-race highside charge by Ryan Gustin to claim the $3,000 winner’s purse and his second career win in Tucson International Raceway.

    At the drop of the green flag in the A-main Whitwell and Moyer battled it out for the lead over the opening laps with Whitwell taking the advantage by lap two. Fuller moved up to immediately begin challenging for the runner-up spot. Fuller rolled by Moyer down the back straightaway and set after Whitwell. By the next set of corners Fuller had pulled to Whitwell’s rear deck and was looking for the lead. Over the next few laps Fuller would mount a charge on the bottom of turns one and two only to have Whitwell slam the door shut. A lap five yellow flag for Donny Schatz bunched the field for a restart. Whitwell squirted away at the green and Moyer retook the second spot. Fuller stayed the course and rode the bottom line back around Moyer one lap later. Fuller again stalked Whitwell down and began looking underneath for the lead. The yellow slowed the action again on lap 13 when Rob Sanders ended up stopped sideways on the back straight. Whitwell again moved away when the green reappeared and yet again Moyer went to second. But just as before Fuller rolled back by Wednesday night’s winner for second.

    Fuller wasn’t able to get to Whitwell as he did previously and he settled into second through the events middle stages. On lap 23 disaster struck for race leader Whitwell as his #5 machine rolled to a stop in turn 4. Whitwell’s misfortune handed Fuller the race lead but the event was far from over. Ryan Gustin moved past Moyer on the restart and went after Fuller on the top shelf. Gustin pulled alongside Fuller several times and even nosed ahead coming to the white flag. But Fuller countered and rolled in right around the bottom to stay even. Headed to the checkers Gustin again edged ahead down the back straightaway and into turn three. But Gustin carried a little too much momentum and slid high opening the door for Fuller to claim the win.

    “With Moyer starting on the pole I basically figured it would be his race to win. So he went up in the middle and the bottom was so good for me. But more and more guys were running there and it kept getting more and more narrow. That was letting the guys running the middle and top keep their momentum and come up and get a better run. So I had to be up on it and try to stay in that brown so I could launch up off of the corners. Ryan ran a great race but I wasn’t giving up. This is a tough deal. There are a lot of cars out here and it’s a little tough to even line-up out here. I didn’t line-up Wednesday night in fact. This is a great win for us and gives us some good momentum for the rest of the week and even for Florida.” Fuller said after his win.

    NDRL ‘Kings of Dirt’ Winter Extreme – Night Four

    Tucson International Raceway

    Tucson, Arizona

    Friday, 17 January 2014

    Finish / Start / Car # / Name / Purse

    1. (3) 19 Tim Fuller $3,000

    2. (7) 19R Ryan Gustin $1,500

    3. (1) 21 Billy Moyer $1,000

    4. (13) 28 Jimmy Mars $800

    5. (4) 25 Shane Clanton $750

    6. (5) 56 Tony Jackson Jr. $700

    7. (11) 58 A.J. Diemel $650

    8. (8) 43 Garrett Alberson $600

    9. (6) 7 Ricky Wiess $550

    10. (21) 32 Chris Simpson $50
    11. (10) 77 Jordan Yaggy $450

    12. (19) 23 John Blankenship $400

    13. (17) 12 Jason Hughes $350

    14. (12) 77A Justin Asplin $300

    15. (15) 111 Max Blair $300

    16. (16) 91T Tony Toste $300

    17. (18) 32B Clay Daly $300

    18. (24) 91P Jason Papich $300

    19. (2) 5 R.C. Whitwell $300

    20. (9) 7R Kent Robinson $300

    21. (20) 10N Rob Sanders $300

    22. (23) 27 Nick Bartels $300

    23. (14) 25Z Mason Zeigler $300

    24. (22) 15 Donny Schatz $300

    First consolation: John Blankenship, Donny Schatz, Billy Moyer Jr., Brandon Sheppard, Will Vaught, Terry Phillips, 23w, Zach McMillan, Tyson Turnbull, Dana Fite. Did not start: Don Shaw, Bucky Andrews.

    Second consolation: Rob Sanders, Nick Bartels, Lance Matthees, Morgan Bagley, Justin Kay, William Thomas, Dave Smith, James Laing, Bill Bartels, Kyle Beard.

    Third consolation: Chris Simpson, Jason Papich, Trevor Glaser, Chase Junghans, Pat Doar, Dean Moore, Mike Balcaen, Lonnie Parker Jr., Matt Crafton.

    First heat: Shane Clanton, Ryan Gustin, Jimmy Mars, John Blankenship, Brandon Sheppard, Will Vaught, Zach McMillan, Dana Fite, Tyson Turnbull, Bucky Andrews

    Second heat: Tony Jackson Jr., Garrett Alberson, Mason Zeigler, Donny Schatz, Billy Moyer Jr., Terry Phillips, Brad Williams, Dave Deetz.

    Third heat: Billy Moyer, Kent Robinson, Max Blair, Lance Matthees, Nick Bartels, Dave Smith, Morgan Bagley, William Thomas, Rick Ortega, Kyle Beard.

    Fourth heat: Tim Fuller, Jordan Yaggy, Tony Toste, Rob Sanders, Jason Krohn, Joey Moriarty, James Laing, Bill Bartels, Justin Kay.

    Fifth heat: Ricky Weiss, A.J. Diemel, Jason Hughes, Chris Simpson, Jason Papich, Pat Doar, Lonnie Parker Jr., Sean Bray.

    Sixth heat: R.C. Whitwell, Justin Asplin, Clay Daly, Matt Crafton, Trevor Glaser, Steven Pfeifer, Chase Junghans, Travis Dickes. Did not start: Mike Balcaen.