1-15-2014 Tucson International Raceway - AZ - NDRL Winter Extreme

1-15-2014 Tucson International Raceway - AZ - NDRL Winter Extreme
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    Billy Moyer Returns to Winning Form in Tucson
    Tucson, Arizona (January 15, 2014) Billy Moyer is the winningest driver in the history of Arizona’s annual January racing action. Coming in to Wednesday night Moyer had scored 11 wins in the Copper State and over $50,000 in purses. The National Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame driver from Batesville, Arkansas added to both totals on Wednesday night with a $3000 win ahead of a hard charging Brandon Sheppard and pole-sitter Chase Junghans. Though Moyer led every lap of the feature it wasn’t a walk in the park by any means. Moyer overcame heavy lap traffic and turned away charges from veteran Terry Phillips and Sheppard to score the win. “The track was super-fast tonight. But it was slick in spots and when you hit those spots you knew it. Kinda kept you on your toes for sure but all in all everything worked out good for us. The hotrod was really good.” Moyer said.
    Junghans got the jump on the initial start but Moyer rocketed around the top of turns one and two to take the point. Moyer pulled away as Junghans settled into second for a couple of laps until Terry Phillips began to make his presence known. Missouri’s Phillips began to pressure Junghans by lap 3 and made the pass on the top through turns one and two on lap 6. Up front Moyer was into lap traffic. Phillips lost second back to Junghans when Phillips washed up the track in turn 2 while negotiating lap traffic. After the night’s first yellow flag, Junghans was again able to move ahead of Phillips for second while Phillips was left to battle with Wisconsin veteran Pat Doar.
    Meanwhile sixth-starting Brandon Sheppard began to mount his charge to the front. Sheppard moved by Doar and then stalked Junghans down to move into third. With Moyer back into heavy lapped traffic, both Phillips and Sheppard were able to reel in the race leader. Phillips began to look for a way around Moyer as he moved through the lappers. That seemingly from out of nowhere, Sheppard stuck his machine into the mix. Sheppard rolled underneath Phillips and pulled even with Moyer down the back straightaway but Moyer was able to fend him off. Phillips caught the wall on the back and rode it for a short distance, nearly tumbling over. He was able to keep it rolling and continue but retired a lap later with suspension damage.
    Up front Moyer was able to negotiate the lappers well enough to be able to keep Sheppard at bay over the remaining laps and pick up the checkers. “We have got a heck of a good car here. You know to have just run it 3 or 4 times and have good finishes every time, I am very happy. The track is a little different here this year. But it’s been good. It was really good tonight with a bottom groove and a top groove and, you know, the car would go wherever I wanted it to go. It was really my race to give away. We drew up there on the front and as long as I didn’t do anything stupid, I think we had the car to get the job done. The motor ran perfect and everything was good. I can’t say enough for all my guys and Kevin Rumley and all the guys there at Labonte’s shop. They have built us a great race car.” Moyer added after the win.

    NDRL ‘Kings of Dirt’ Winter Extreme – Night Three

    Tucson International Raceway

    Tucson, AZ

    Wednesday, 15 January 2014

    Full Results

    Finish / Start / Car # / Name / Purse

    1. (2) 21 Billy Moyer $3,000

    2. (6) B5 Brandon Sheppard $1,500

    3. (1) 18 Chase Junghans $1,000

    4. (9) 28 Jimmy Mars $800

    5. (19) 32 Chris Simpson $750

    6. (15) 7R Kent Robinson $700

    7. (7) 15 Donny Schatz $650

    8. (8) 11 Pat Doar $600

    9. (16) 6 Travis Dickes $550

    10. (11) 25 Shane Clanton $500

    11. (4) 10N Rob Sanders $450

    12. (21) 15K Justin Kay $400

    13. (23) 7K Jason Krohn $350

    14. (13) 91P Jason Papich $300

    15. (24) 32B Clay Daly $300

    16. (12) 91T Tony Toste $300

    17. (17) 12 Jason Hughes $300

    18. (22) 7 Ricky Weiss $300

    19. (14) 06 Dave Smith $300

    20. (10) 58 A.J. Diemel $300

    21. (3) 75 Terry Phillips $300

    22. (20) 56 Tony Jackson Jr. $300

    23. (5) 10 Mike Balcaen $300

    24. (18) 51 Joey Moriarty $300
    First consolation: Chris Simpson, Ricky Weiss, Morgan Bagley, Tim Fuller, Kyle Beard, Justin Asplin, Marshall Miles, Dave Deetz, R.C. Whitwell, Tyson Turnbull.

    Second consolation: Tony Jackson Jr., Jason Krohn, Mason Zeigler, Travis Glaser, Max Blair, Garrett Alberson, Bucky Adrews, Rick Ortega, Steven Pfeifer.

    Third consolation: Justin Kay, Clay Daly, Will Vaught, John Blankenship, Lance Matthees, Billy Moyer Jr., William Thomas, Zach McMillan.

    First heat: Chase Junghans, Donny Schats, Jason Papich, Ricky Weiss, Tim Fuller, Morgan Bagley, Justin Asplin, R.C. Whitwell, Dave Deetz.

    Second heat: Rob Sanders, Pat Doar, Dave Smith, Chris Simpson, Kyle Beard, Ryan Gustin, Marshall Miles.

    Third heat: Mike Balcaen, Jimmy Mars, Kent Robinson, Tony Jackson JR., Jason Krohn, Mason Zeigler, Garrett Alberson. Did not start: Don Shaw.

    Fourth heat: Billy Moyer, A.J. Diemel, Travis Dickes, Max Blair, Travis Glaser, Steven Pfeifer, Rick Ortega, Bucky Andrews.

    Fifth heat: Terry Phillips, Shane Clanton, Jason Hughes, Lance Matthees, Clay Daly, Will Vaught, William Thomas, Sean Bray.

    Sixth heat: Brandon Sheppard, Tony Toste, Joey Moriarty, Justin Kay, Billy Moyer Jr., Zach McMillan, Fito Gallardo.