Hagerstown Speedway Cartoon Family Night

Hagerstown Speedway  Cartoon Family Night
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    Hagerstown Speedway

    14 April 2012

    Hoosier Tire-Mid Atlantic Late Model Sportsman

    20 Laps, 23 entries (Lap Leaders Nick Pappas 1-20)

    1.Nick Pappas, 2.Mike Walls, 3.Andy Fries, 4.Terry Flaherty, 5.Cory Houck, 6.Scott Palmer, 7.Donnie Farlling, 8.Justin Weaver, 9.Ronnie Dennis, 10.Sammy Schaffer ((Liberty Auto and Tire Hard Charger), 11.Wayne Walls Jr., 12.Pete Weaver, 13.Chad Myers, 14.Keith Walls, 15.Paul Cursey, 16.Rodney Walls, 17.Will Rowe, 18.Kevin Palmer, 19.Elwood Sord, 20.Jeff King, 21.Courney Shreiner, 22.Tyler Horst, DNS – Chaz Walls

    Ernie D’s Pure Stocks

    15 Laps, 19 entries, (Lap Leaders –Dave Stouffer Jr. 1-15)

    1.Dave Stouffer Jr. 2.Kevin Boyer, 3.Steve Lowery, 4.Eddie McClellan, 5.Brian Miller, 6.Kevin Koontz, 7.Wayne Hawbaker, 8.Brandon Churchey, 9.Craig Kline Boyer (Ecton and Son Service and Repair Hard Charger), 10.Dustin Proctor, 11.Kenny Day, 12.Kenny Dillon, 13.Tony Catlett, 14.Chris Ebersole, 15.Danny Beavers, DNS – Billy Ecton Jr., Mike Kratovil, Carl Biddle, Rick Stouffer Jr.

    D&D Auto Recycling Hobby Stocks

    15 laps, 14 entries, (Lap Leaders – (Lane Hessong 1-2, Gary Proctor 3-15)

    1.Gary Proctor, 2.Mark Vegh, 3.Tom Caravello, 4.Nick Dibella, 5.Nathaniel Younker, 6.William Crook, 7.Marvin Durboraw, 8.James Clark, 9.Lane Hessong, 10.Dave Shatto, 11.Jim Smith, 12.Rick Turner, 13.Rodney Minor, 14.Kenny Thomas